How to Earn Money with Hamster Kombat: A Complete Guide

Hamster Hamster is a popular mobile game where you collect and care for adorable hamsters, decorate their homes, and play mini-games to earn rewards. The game offers various ways to earn in-game currency, coins, and other rewards. In this guide, we’ll explore the different methods to earn in Hamster Hamster.

*Method 1: Collecting Coins*

Collect coins from the hamster’s food bowls and treasure chests.Tap on the coins to collect them.Upgrade your food bowls and treasure chests to increase coin capacity.

*Method 2: Playing Mini-Games*

Participate in mini-games like Hamster Wheel, Puzzle, and Memory Match.Earn coins, stars, and other rewards based on your performance.Upgrade your mini-game skills to increase rewards.

*Method 3: Selling Items*

Collect items like food, toys, and decorations.Sell unwanted items in the Marketplace.Set competitive prices to attract buyers.

*Method 4: Completing Tasks*

Complete daily tasks and quests.Earn rewards like coins, stars, and experience points.Upgrade your task list to access more challenging tasks.

*Method 5: Participating in Events*

Join special events and challenges.Earn exclusive rewards like limited-edition hamsters, decorations, and coins.Participate in leaderboards to compete with other players.

*Method 6: Visiting Friends*

Visit friends’ hamster homes.Collect coins and items from their food bowls and treasure chests.Help friends by cleaning their hamster cages and earning rewards.

*Method 7: Watching Videos*

Watch video ads to earn coins and other rewards.Take advantage of video offers to boost your earnings.

*Method 8: Leveling Up*

Earn experience points by collecting coins, completing tasks, and playing mini-games.Level up to unlock new hamsters, decorations, and items.

*Method 9: Joining a Club*

Join a club to collaborate with other players.Participate in club events and challenges.Earn club rewards and compete in leaderboards.

*Method 10: Using Boosters*

Use boosters like the Coin Magnet, Hamster Helper, and Star Boost.Strategically use boosters to maximize earnings.By following these methods, you’ll be able to earn coins, items, and other rewards in the Hamster Hamster app. Remember to stay active, participate in events, and upgrade your skills to maximize your earnings.

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