How to apply for a Navi Health Insurance Loan:

Step 1: Meet the Eligibility Criteria*

Age: 18-65 years,Income: ₹15,000/- per month (minimum)Employment: Salaried or self-employed,Credit score: 650+ (preferred)

*Step 2: Gather Required Documents*

ID proof PAN, passport)Income proof (pay slips, ITR, Form 16)Proof of insurance (policy,documents)Medical bills or estimates (if,applicable)

*Step 3: Visit the Navi Website or App*

Go to (link unavailable) or download the Navi,app,Click on “Health Insurance Loan” and,then”Apply Now”

*Step 4: Fill Out the Application Form*

Enter personal details (name, email, phone,number)Enter income and employment-details-Upload required documents-Enter loan amount and tenure (up to-₹5 lakhs and 60 months)

*Step 5: Choose Your Loan Terms*

Select the interest rate and EMI option,Choose the repayment schedule (monthly or bi-weekly)

*Step 6: Review and Submit the Application*

Carefully review the loan terms and conditions-Check the loan amount, interest rate,and EMI-Submit the application

*Step 7: Receive a Decision*

Navi will review your application and credit score-Receive a loan decision within minutes

*Step 8: Receive the Loan*

Funds are disbursed to your account-Use the loan to pay for health insurance premiums or medical-expenses

*Step 9: Repayment*

Make regular payments according to the schedule-Consider automatic payments or online payments-Late payments may incur penalties or fees

*Additional Tips*

Check your credit score before applying-Consider a co-applicant to improve eligibility-Read reviews and ask questions before applying

By following these steps and tips, you can,successfully apply for a Navi Health Insurance,Loan to cover your medical expenses or,insurance premiums. Remember to carefully,review the terms and conditions, and,make timely repayments to maintain a good,credit score.

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